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Best Vegan Restaurants in Sarasota: Green Eats

Are you in Sarasota either living here or visiting for the sun and beautiful beaches? If you are a vegan, vegetarian or someone who likes trying different foods and looking for the best vegan restaurants in Sarasota. Then you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed our favorite vegan meals from various restaurants in this city. Get ready to enjoy some delicious food and go on a food journey that will leave you wanting more.

Sarasota is a lively city with a variety of tastes and the vegan dining scene is no different. These restaurants really like making plant based food in a creative and passionate way.

No matter what kind of food you usually eat. They have delicious plant based burgers and tasty vegan desserts so there are a lot of things for you on this list.

If you are a committed vegan, a curious vegetarian or just open to trying new tastes then come with us. As we discover the best of Sarasota’s vegan restaurants that have laid back places to more upscale dining places the choices are as varied as the city itself.

Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in Sarasota

Here are the list of top 7 Sarasota’s Vegan Restaurants that include:

  • Crop Juice
  • Project Coffee
  • Green Zebra
  • Lila’s
  • Stiks
  • Simon’s
  • Pho Cali

Crop Juice

Beautiful art work at Crop Juice
Beautiful art work at Crop Juice

One of the best vegan restaurants in Sarasota on my list is Crop Juice. I really like everything at Crop it’s a completely vegan place. The kids enjoy their smoothies and juices and they also have yummy vegan desserts. I personally love the Cinna Nana Overnight Oats and all their salads.

Right now my favorite salads are the Asian salad and the Chickpea Kale Caesar. I also really like the Choco Cherry Chia Blast Smoothie and the stuffed salted chocolate dates with almond butter are amazing too.

Crop Juice can be found in two places one on Proctor and Stickney Point Rd and the other just north of the UTC mall. Karen and her staff are very friendly and welcoming. We always feel at home here.

Project Coffee

I really enjoy this vegan café and restaurant in Sarasota located on Pineapple Avenue close to Selby Gardens. It is great for both vegans and non vegans.

They serve tasty breakfast sandwiches, sweet or savory waffles and hot chocolate. The inside of the restaurant looks very modern and bright.

We also like that they consistently introduce new and tasty items to the menu whenever we come by. Kids enjoy it too. They have a new fully vegan place in the beautiful Rosemary district. Give it a try, trust me you will never be disappointed.

Green Zebra

My top picks at Green Zebra are the raw lasagna and raw pancakes. They are delicious. Green Zebra has two places, one on Lido in St. Armands Circle, and another one is on Main Street downtown.

The kids enjoy their Açai bowls and their favorite is the vegan French toast. It’s a good choice for the whole family and we enjoy sitting both inside and outside.


Luxury dining area of Lila’s
Luxury dining area of Lila’s

Oh Lila’s on Main! Where should I begin? When we go for brunch the vegan waffles and pancakes are yummy and really comforting.

There are always great dishes to choose from. Some of our favorites are the Sushi Volcano Roll, Mushroom burger, Grilled Tofu with Dragon Sauce, Crispy Fried Seitan Sandwich and the Kale Guacamole. It’s a great option for both dining in and for takeout.


Stiks is on Tamiami Trail just north of the Landings. They have many vegan options on the menu. Kids really enjoy their Fried Rice with Tofu and my favorites are The Spring Rolls.

We recently tried the Orange Tofu for the first time and we all loved it. We like sitting on the couch in their cool and modern dining area and we have a lot of fun playing the games they provide. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.


Brunch plate on the table at Simon's
Brunch plate on the table at Simon’s

The outdoor seating of this restaurant is always pleasant and they offer many tasty vegan options. We appreciate that their menu changes and everything we have tried there has been delicious.

Some of my favorites are the Kitesurfer Wrap and the Krishna Panini and we enjoy their Sunday brunch. Kids love their smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices and of course the desserts.

Ha, ha! Simon’s is on Tamiami near Phillippi Park. I highly recommend it. It’s sure to be a favorite for both meat eaters and vegans.

Pho Cali

I really love the Lemongrass Tofu with Chilies & Onions from Pho Cali on Main Street in Sarasota. Kids always order the Fried Rice with Tofu. It is a favorite meal of kids in all of Sarasota.

Just make sure to tell them you want these dishes made vegan. Staff of this restaurant is always friendly and helpful.

If it were up to my sweet 6 year old daughter, Edna then we’d go at least eight times a week. Ha, ha! I highly recommend it because we always feel so welcome here.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Sarasota has a lot of vegan restaurants with delicious options. Creative dishes at Crop Juice to tasty choices at Green Zebra, Sticks and Simon’s there is a lot of things for everyone.

These places are friendly, welcoming and keep their menus interesting. No matter if you are a strict vegan or just want to try something new. Sarasota’s vegan restaurants offer tasty and satisfying meals. Explore the wide range and delicious world of plant based eating in Sarasota.

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