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Best Sushi Restaurants in Fort Myers: Taste Sensation

If you are looking for the sushi restaurants in Fort Myers then don’t need to worry about that because you come to the right place. In this article we are going to discuss the top sushi restaurants in Fort Myers that offer delicious sushi and amazing Japanese dishes to their customers.

Many restaurants in Fort Myers serve Thai, Korean, Japanese food and most of them also have sushi on their menu. One place called Komoon even offers a mix of Asian and Peruvian food along with sushi.

Some of these restaurants like Origami and Mr. Mee’s are family friendly and have been popular for a long time. Mr. Mee’s might not have fancy decorations but they serve good and affordable food including more than just sushi.

Then there are sushi bars in Japanese steakhouses like DaRuMa and Tokyo Bay. These places have live piano music, comfortable bars and plenty of space but they still feel comfortable for a romantic date night.

Many people think sushi is stylish and Blu Sushi definitely lives up to that. It’s a place where people go to see and be seen. Blu not only has a creative food menu but also serves cocktails and offers entertainment.

If not everyone in your group likes sushi then do not worry. All of these places also have cooked dishes from different Asian dishes. This gives a great opportunity for those who have never tried sushi before to give it a shot.

Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Fort Myers

In Fort Myers there are a great number of restaurants that offer delicious sushi. But some of them are very famous just because of their tasty sushi. I created a list of top 5 sushi restaurants in Fort Myersfor you that are following;

  • MR. MEE’S
  • DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge


Beautiful view of Blu Sushi restaurants in Fort Myers
Beautiful view of Blu Sushi restaurants in Fort Myers

Blu Sushi in Fort Myers is known for being stylish. It started in a quiet shopping area and still keeps its style. The sushi bar has a modern look that is meant to remind you of the deep blue sea.

Many stylish people come here and it’s always busy. They have good deals during happy hour and lunchtime. The sushi chefs make beautiful and delicious rolls with eel, crab and salmon.

They are also famous for their fancy cocktails and saketini drinks. On weekends there is even more excitement because they have a DJ playing music in the comfortable bar area.


Enjoy the delicious sushi rol that is the famous dish of the sushi restaurants in Fort Myers
Enjoy the delicious sushi roll that is the famous dish of this restaurants

It is a classy place. When you walk in there is a nice waterfall at the entrance and inside there is a bar made of fancy cherry wood next to a smaller sushi bar.

This restaurant is big and they also have outdoor seating. No matter where you sit you will love their sushi. The way they serve the tuna tataki is like a work of art almost too pretty to eat.

The sushi rolls are big and the sushi chefs are friendly. Tokyo Bay also has hibachi tables and lets you cook Korean BBQ right at your table. On Friday nights they have live piano music and you can sit outside at the tiki bar.

It has been a favorite place for locals in Bonita Springs for about ten years. It is located in Bonita spring just a short drive away from Fort Myers.


It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Fort Myers is MR. MEE'S
It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Fort Myers

It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Fort Myers that is famous for its delicious sushi. This restaurant serves really good and affordable sushi that tastes unique and fresh.

They also have a menu with Thai, Korean and Japanese dishes including a lot of sushi. If you sit at the bar then the chef can make a special sushi roll just for you.

The place is simple and not fancy but it’s clean and comfortable inside. The service is friendly and quick which is helpful because the menu has a lot to choose from.

Mr. Mee’s also has tatami seating which is nice for big groups or for having a romantic dinner with someone special.


Sittings view of ORIGAMI for sushi lovers.erbp
Sittings view of ORIGAMI for sushi lovers.erbp

People who love sushi really like Origami because they do a great job with their service that makes sure the food tastes unique, creative and delicious.

They have been doing this since 1994 and are known for getting local folks to become fans of sushi. The Japanese chef makes special rolls like the Yami Yami, Scooby Doo and Green Spider along with really fresh sashimi and nigiri.

Origami also has Korean food and traditional Japanese noodle dishes. You can try Korean BBQ for dinner or a tasty Bento Box for lunch. Their new place has a big fancy bar and a room that is spacious and friendly.

DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge

Beautiful place to eat sushi thats name is DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge
Beautiful place to eat sushi thats name is DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge

It is a cool Japanese steakhouse and sushi place. They cook your food right in front of you on a hot grill and it’s fun to watch. It is a place where you can enjoy amazing sushi rolls and other tasty Japanese food.

This restaurant looks nice and modern or they have live music every night. It’s usually pretty crowded so it’s a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time.

DaRuMa is especially good at making sushi. You can sit at hibachi tables where chefs cook in front of you or you can sit in the sushi lounge which has plenty of seats.

The sushi chefs are really talented and make great lobster dishes and they use real crab. They have rolls that come with fire for a fancy show or you can stick with the traditional hand made sushi and fresh sashimi.

You might also want to try the escargot with smelt roe for a zesty appetizer.

The service at DaRuMa is great. When I go there I like sitting at the sushi bar because the sushi chefs are really good at what they do. They are friendly and pay a lot of attention to you.

If you get great service from your server it’s important to leave them a tip. It’s not nice when people do not tip their servers especially when they have done a good job.

Servers have to share their tips with other workers who help make your meal enjoyable. So remember to be kind and tip your server for their hard work.

Bottom Line

All in all, There are a lot of different sushi restaurants in Fort Myers to choose from. There are fancy ones like Blu Sushi, comfortable places like Mr. Mee’s and classy places like Tokyo Bay and DaRuMa.

They all serve tasty sushi and other Asian dishes. So no matter if you love sushi or want to try it for the first time these restaurants make the sushi experience enjoyable for everyone in a friendly setting.

If you want to try other dishes or want to explore more restaurants in Fort Myers then read our more articles that are already written on our website some of them are mentioned below.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of sushi can I find in sushi restaurants in Fort Myers?

In Fort Myers sushi restaurants you can find a variety of sushi options including traditional sushi rolls like California rolls and spicy tuna rolls as well as more creative and unique rolls with ingredients like lobster and eel.

Many places also offer sashimi which is thinly sliced raw fish and nigiri which is fish or seafood served on small beds of rice.

Are Fort Myers sushi restaurants in Fort Myers suitable for people who do not eat sushi?

Yes of course sushi restaurants in Fort Myers Often have menus that cater to a wide range of tastes. You can find cooked dishes inspired by Asian food such as Korean BBQ, noodle dishes and other non sushi options.

This means that even if someone in your group does not enjoy sushi then they can still enjoy a delicious meal.

Do I need to make reservations at Fort Myers sushi restaurants?

It’s a good idea to make reservations especially if you plan to visit a popular sushi restaurant during peak dining times like weekends or evenings. Reserving a table in advance can help ensure you get a seat and avoid long waits.

However some smaller or casual sushi places may not require reservations so it’s a good practice to call ahead or check their website for their reservation policy.

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