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5 Best Sarasota Airport Restaurants: Airport Eats

If you are at the airport in Sarasota then there are yummy restaurants nearby. You can pick from seafood, Cuban, Japanese steak or other tasty options to fill your belly. If you are interested in getting information about Sarasota airport restaurants then you are on the right place. In this article we are going to explore the top rated Sarasota airport restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences.

5 Best Sarasota Airport Restaurants

In this city there are a great number of restaurants that are located near airports. But i create a list of top 5 of them that are following:

  • By Patrik Pettersson at Kompose Hotel
  • Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant
  • The Ringling Grillroom
  • Mirna’s Cuban Cuisine
  • Runway Grill

By Patrik Pettersson at Kompose Hotel

Menu page on the table of By Patrik Pettersson at Kompose Hotel
Menu page on the table of By Patrik Pettersson at Kompose Hotel

If you want a special meal close to the Sarasota Bradenton Airport then go to By Patrik Pettersson’s restaurant at Kompose Hotel. It is not far away and they serve a mix of different tastes from around the world. A famous chef leads the kitchen of Patrik Pettersson and makes each dish with skill and creativity.

If you love seafood, steak or vegetarian food this restaurant has a lot of things that you will like. They use fresh ingredients to make sure the food tastes really good. You can also have wine or try one of their special cocktails with your meal.

The staff at By Patrik Pettersson’s restaurant are friendly and know a lot about the menu. They can help you choose what to eat for a better experience. They make sure everyone feels happy and well taken care of.

If you want a tasty adventure near the Sarasota Bradenton Airport then go check out By Patrik Pettersson’s restaurant at Kompose Hotel.

It is a fancy place with great food, good service and a nice atmosphere that will make your meal extra special for you trust me.

Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

Just a short drive from the Sarasota Bradenton Airport Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant is a well liked place for tasty seafood.

It is a family friendly restaurant where you can enjoy different yummy dishes like fish tacos, steamed clams and seafood platters with shrimp and crab legs. They also have soups, salads, sandwiches and sides and even a special menu for kids.

The Ringling Grillroom

Indoor dining room of The Ringling Grillroom
Indoor dining room of The Ringling Grillroom

For a fancier meal you should try The Ringling Grillroom at the McKay Visitor’s Pavilion in The Ringling museum area. They serve classic American food like steak, chops and seafood made with fresh and local ingredients.

You can also choose from different craft cocktails and a lot of wines to go with your meal. And don’t forget to leave some space for dessert because their warm chocolate cake is something that you should not want to miss.

Mirna’s Cuban Cuisine

If you want real Cuban food then go to Mirna’s Cuban Cuisine. It is a small and amazing restaurant. That has all the traditional dishes like empanadas, croquetas, ropa vieja and lechón asado.

You can also get Cuban style sandwiches, sides and daily specials like Arroz con pollo and picadillo. And don’t miss their homemade flan for dessert it’s very tasty. Trust me you should to want to miss it.

Runway Grill

Dining area of Runway Grill.
Dining area of Runway Grill.

Runway Grill is a relaxed place inside the Holiday Inn just a short drive from the airport. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They have all sorts of typical American food like burgers, sandwiches, salads and pasta. You can also choose from seafood and steak dishes. They have a full bar with special prices during happy hour.

If you want a convenient and not too expensive place close to the airport then Runway Grill is a good option for you.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, there are a diverse range of Sarasota Airport Restaurants that you choose according to your taste. But this article will help you to choose the best one which is perfectly suited to your taste and preference.

Because I briefly explain the top restaurants of Sarasota that are located near the airport. No matter what kind of food you want these great restaurants near Sarasota Bradenton Airport will make you happy.

So when you are around then make sure to visit one of these places for a tasty meal. Next time when you are at Sarasota Airport then make sure to enjoy the yummy food choices that they have.

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