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Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers: Seafood by the Gulf

In this article we are going to discuss about the Sandbar restaurant in Fort Myers that is located by the sea in this city. It is a special place where you can enjoy yummy food with an amazing view of the ocean.

It is a comfortable place where people love to eat, relax and have a good time. No matter if you are visiting with family or friends the Sandbar Restaurant is a friendly place to enjoy delicious meals by the water.

This restaurant is one of the favorite places to eat for both the locals and tourists. It offers a unique dining experience that combines the freshest seafood, a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. Let’s dive in and discover what makes this restaurant so great.


Sandbar Restaurant is in a perfect place on Estero Boulevard that is really close to the sandy beach in Fort Myers. You can hear the calming ocean sounds and see the beautiful Gulf sunset from here. It is a great place for a romantic dinner or a family friendly meal that satisfies everyone’s needs.

Interior of Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers
Interior of Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers

Atmosphere and Vibes

When you walk into Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers you will feel a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The inside looks really nice with beachy decorations like things you do not find on a boat and calm or ocean like colors.

No matter if you want to eat inside or outside on the patio you will have a comfortable place to enjoy your food.

Friendly and comfortable atmosphere at The Sand bar and Grill
Friendly and comfortable atmosphere at The Sand bar and Grill

One cool thing about Sandbar Restaurant is their outdoor patio by the beach. It has a wooden floor, tiki torches and you can see the Gulf. It is a perfect place to sip a cocktail while feeling the sea breeze on your skin.

The atmosphere is relaxed but also a bit fancy so it works for any kind of get together.

Menu & Dishes

The food at Sandbar Restaurant is really special. They have a lot of yummy seafood like shrimp, oysters and crab. The best part is that it is all super fresh because it comes from the nearby Gulf.

They also make delicious dishes with fish, like grouper and serve them with tasty sides. And do not forget to try their famous Key Lime Pie for dessert. It is sweet and tangy and a perfect way to finish your meal.

Enjoy delicious Beef Tacos at Sandbar and Grill
Enjoy delicious Beef Tacos at Sandbar and Grill

So if you like seafood and tasty treats then you will love eating at Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers. Here are some of the must try items in their menu:

1. Gulf Coast Seafood Platter: The Gulf Coast Seafood Platter is a yummy mix of seafood. It has big shrimp, oysters and crab claws that are all served with a tasty zesty cocktail sauce. It is a tasty dish with a lot of different seafood on it.

2. Lobster Tail: The Lobster Tail is a tasty dish. It is a piece of lobster that is rich and buttery. They give it to you with butter to dip it in and you can pick your favorite side dish to go with it. It is a delicious meal on their menu.

3. Blackened Grouper: The Blackened Grouper is a dish people around here really like. It is made from soft and seasoned grouper fish that is cooked just right. They put it on top of rice and give you some veggies on the side. It is a meal that tastes great.

4. Key Lime Pie: You really should try the Key Lime Pie at Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers. It is famous for being sweet or tangy and it is a great way to finish your meal.

The Drinks

Sandbar Restaurant has many different drinks to pick from. They make special cocktails that taste really good like the Gulf Breeze Martini and Sunset Sangria. They also have drinks without alcohol called mocktails which are good if you do not want alcohol or if you are a kid.

Tasty bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s at The Sandbar & Grille
Tasty bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s at The Sandbar & Grille

The bartenders at Sandbar Restaurant are experts at making drinks taste great. They use fresh stuff and mix it together to make the drinks yummy and refreshing.

You can have these drinks inside the restaurant or outside on the patio while looking at the Gulf of Mexico. The patio is a nice place to relax especially with tiki torches that make it comfortable.

So no matter if you want a fancy cocktail or a fun mocktail Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers has a drink for you. It makes your meal even better and you can choose the one you like the most.

Bottom Line

All in all, Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers offers more than just a meal it provides an unforgettable experience. It has a stunning location by the Gulf, inviting atmosphere, delectable dishes and a variety of refreshing drinks.

It is a place where you can taste the best of coastal Florida. No matter if you are seeking a romantic evening, a family gathering or simply a moment of relaxation the Sandbar Restaurant has everything that you need to enjoy and satisfy your craving.

So the next time you are in Fort Myers then make sure to visit Sandbar Restaurant and enjoy a taste of paradise by the sea. It is not just a restaurant, it’s a delightful journey for your senses. So don’t miss the opportunity to dine at Sandbar Restaurant and create lasting memories by the Gulf.

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Frequently Asked Question

What type of food does Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers serve?

Sandbar Restaurant specializes in serving delicious seafood dishes like shrimp, oysters, crab and grouper. They also have non seafood options and a variety of tasty sides.

Can I enjoy drinks at Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers if I do not drink alcohol?

Yes of course you can. Sandbar Restaurant offers a wide selection of non alcoholic drinks called mocktails. These are perfect for people who prefer not to have alcohol or for kids who want something fun to drink.

Is it necessary to make a reservation at a Sandbar Restaurant in Fort Myers?

While reservations are recommended they are not always required. It is a good idea to call ahead especially during busy times to ensure you can secure a table. Walk ins are also welcome and you can often enjoy the restaurant without a reservation especially during off peak hours.

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