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Best Parks in Fort Myers: Fun in the Sun

If you are looking for parks in Fort Myers then don’t need to worry about that because you are in the right place. Fort Myers is a city in Florida that has some beautiful parks. These parks are like peaceful oases where you can relax and enjoy nature. You can find parks by the river or in the woods and they offer different activities for everyone. Fort Myers takes care of its natural places and wants people to enjoy them. No matter if you want to relax or have some outdoor fun, parks in Fort Myer’ have everything for you to enjoy. In this article we are going to discuss the best parks in Fort Myers that are famous and perfect for nature lovers.

Best Parks In Fort Myers

There are a lot of parks in Fort Myers for fun and walking. But top 5 of them are following:




This is the final bit of beach on Estero Island at the top of Fort Myers Beach. It is a cool place to watch different kinds of boats go into the Gulf of Mexico. The park has walking paths, guided walks and it is a special place for bird watching. The beach is small when the tide is high but it looks nice with driftwood and mangrove trees. You can find bathrooms and a place to buy snacks if you run out. They also rent out kayaks and paddleboards when you want to try them.


The Three Oaks Community is a welcoming place for families. It has wide streets and a lot of sidewalks that make it great for walking. There is also a big park where everyone can go. In the park you can play baseball, soccer, tennis, racquetball and basketball. People often come here to find someone to play games with. The sand volleyball courts and other places to play sports have good lighting for nighttime. Playground is colorful and fun for people of all ages and there are places with cover where you can eat or rest. If you want to take a walk then there is a one mile trail that is safe for exercise.


Beautiful view of Lovers Key State Park of Fort Myers
Beautiful view of Lovers Key State Park of Fort Myers

It is one of the best parks in Fort Myers that is a group of four islands between Fort Myers and Bonita Beaches. A long time ago people could only get there by boat. So it was a peaceful place for couples. Nowadays they have trams and boardwalks that help you walk around the two miles of beautiful white sand. Even though a lot of people visit, the land is still very natural with a lot of animals and seashells to find. Black Island has trails for walking and biking and you can also explore an important Native American site called Mound Key by using a kayak. There are playgrounds, places to rent sports equipment, areas for picnics and more. This beach has a lot of fun things for everyone. And if you are hungry or need to clean up you can find food and showers for your comfort.


This park is perfect for big gatherings because it has a recreation center, picnic spots and covered areas. There is a playground with a lot of safe things to climb and play on. Around the playground there are two fields where you can play different games and have fun. If you love animals then there is a special place for dogs so they don’t have to wait in the car or your hotel. You can also play volleyball, horseshoes or bocci ball here. And if you want to try something new with your family then there is an 18 hole game called Disc Golf you can play.


Stunning view of Centennial Park Fort Myers Florida
Stunning view of Centennial Park Fort Myers Florida

It is like having two parks in one place. When people come to downtown Fort Myers, they usually see the 8 acre part of the park next to the Caloosahatchee River. This park goes along the river for a few blocks and even goes under the US41 bridge. Then it opens up to a big grassy area with a covered place where they can have concerts and events. There is also a popular farmers market under the bridge on Thursdays. The park has a place for fishing, nice walkways and a lot of trees. The most special thing in the middle is a big fountain and another fountain with statues of famous people who used to live here in the winter like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. This lovely park by the river hosts different events and festivals sometimes closing the road next to it called Edwards Drive. You can also find places to get on a boat, have a picnic, play at the playground or play beach volleyball here. It is one of the best parks in Fort Myers for kids and family picnics.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, there are a variety of parks in Fort Myers that cater to different interests. No matter if you want a peaceful natural escape or fun outdoor activities these parks have something for everyone. Lover’s Key’s beautiful beaches to family friendly places like Three Oaks Community and the lovely Centennial Park Fort Myers values its natural beauty and offers fun for all. If you are taking a walk by the river, having a picnic or joining community events, Fort Myers’ parks are like a slice of paradise in this Florida city.

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