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Nice Restaurants in Fort Myers: For Seafood, Vegan and More

There are a lot of nice restaurants in Fort Myers where you can enjoy delicious dishes at these restaurants.

In this city you can wear casual clothes when dining out. Even so-called fancy restaurants allow jeans and shorts but they still provide good service and tasty food. So let’s explore the most famous and nice restaurants in Fort Myers.

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Top 6 Nice Restaurants in Fort Myers

In this city there are a lot of restaurants that offer delicious food and a lot of wine collection. But we created a list of top 6 nice restaurants in Fort Myers that satisfy the craving of everyone.

  • Cibo


Misto is a special place in Fort Myers where food fans love to go. It’s a bit fancy with white tablecloths and you can find it in a shopping area.

MISTO BAR & GRILL is a famous and nice restaurants in Fort Myers
MISTO BAR & GRILL is a famous and nice restaurants in Fort Myers

Misto means diverse in Italian and although the chef Jeorge Lanese is famous for his Italian cooking he offers a variety of dishes here. For example, there’s Seafood Napoleon with scallops, shrimp stuffed with crab, wrapped in bacon and served with a special sauce over rice.

They also make tasty risotto cakes with cheese and pesto on top. All dishes are served with a tasty veal sauce. The bread rolls are crispy on the outside and soft inside and everything is made from scratch.

Many regular customers do not even look at the menu they just ask the chef to surprise them and he always delivers. Misto serves lunch and has a small bar that gets crowded quickly.


When you enter the Roadhouse Cafe in Fort Myers it’s easy to forget you are in a small shopping area. Instead it feels like you have stepped into a fancy jazz and dinner club in a big city. They have something special happening every night of the week.

This restaurant is roomy but still has a comfortable feel. The chef has a lot of experience and knows how to make delicious food that people love. People not only come here to eat but also to dance.

Besides the food music is a big attraction. Many famous jazz musicians have performed here which makes it a great place for a night of good food and fun that you will remember for a long time.


If you are craving a burger and a cold beer right now check out Ford’s Garage, a famous restaurant in Fort Myers. It’s located at 2207 First St Fort Myers Florida 33901. This American restaurant started in 2012 and now has many locations in Florida.

Interior view of FORDs GARAGE FORT MYERS Restaurant
Interior view of FORDs GARAGE FORT MYERS Restaurant

You can eat inside the restaurant and get takeout or have your food delivered. They have a menu with a lot of tasty dishes including more than 12 different gourmet burgers and over 180 types of beer.

If you are a vegetarian and not in the mood for fries or meat burgers they also have veggie options like veggie burgers, sandwiches and salads. They even have mac and cheese and other items.

For dessert they offer treats like key lime pie, cookie skillets, brownie sundaes and fruit milkshakes. It’s one of the best and nice restaurants in Fort Myers that will make any food lover happy.


If you love Italian food or want to try it then Cibo is the best Italian restaurant in this lovely city. You can find it at 12901 McGregor Blvd #16 Fort Myers Florida 33919. They are known for their tasty Italian dishes including pasta, steaks, seafood and desserts.

Cibo has been serving delicious food since 2004 and creates a great atmosphere for their customers. They also have a fantastic selection of wines and offer reservations for dining in.


This small restaurant run by the famous chef Harold Balink only seats about 30 people at a time. Many of the diners are Balink’s fans who know each other so it feels like attending a special dinner party.

People enjoying their meal at HAROLD'S
People enjoying their meal at HAROLD’S

The menu changes every week because the chef uses fresh and local ingredients from nearby farms. He is especially good at satisfying meat lovers and his unique dishes impress both critics and fans.

They also offer special wines that you can not easily find in stores. The staff is very attentive and friendly that makes you feel right at home.


This local restaurant takes its steaks very seriously. They age their beef in house until it’s super high quality. Besides their delicious meat they get their veggies and seafood locally and use top notch ingredients for everything they make.

They have a wide variety of small batch bourbons and other drinks plus a wine list with around 400 options from all over the world.

If you want something special just call ahead and let them know even if it’s to have your wine ready when you arrive. The fancy interior leads to a nice outdoor patio with twinkling lights and sometimes live entertainment especially when the weather is nice. It is considered as one of the nice restaurants in Fort Myers.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Fort Myers has some really great restaurants. They serve all sorts of tasty food like seafood to steaks and dishes from around the world.

No matter if you live here or are just visiting you can find a lot of nice restaurants in Fort Myers that suit your taste. Fort Myers’ food scene is always changing and has something delicious for everyone to try and enjoy.

In this city you can find a lot of fun and adventurer places to visit like Fort Myers Beach or Loop Road. A lot of parks are also available in this beautiful city that’s include Zoomers Amusement Park, Lakes Park  and Manatee Park.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the names of the top nice restaurants in Fort Myers?

In Fort Myers there are a variety of nice restaurants that offer all types of facilities that any fancy restaurants offer. Top 6 restaurants of them are following:

  • Cibo

Are nice restaurants in Fort Myers also offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Of course why not many of these restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan dishes in their menu. One of the famous ones is HAROLD’S. This restaurant changes its menu with the passage of time because they use only fresh vegetables from nearby farms.

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