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New Restaurants in Cape Coral: Yummy Adventures

Guess what’s happening in Cape Coral Florida? Some awesome new restaurants are opening up that make the city’s food scene more fun. There is Protein Paradise for healthy eats, Motor City Coney Island with a taste of Michigan, yummy Thai dishes at Siam Hut, fun food at Cork Soakers and fancy Southern coastal dishes at Point 57. New Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida have something for everyone so let’s check out these new places and enjoy the delicious adventures they bring to the city.

Top 5 New Restaurants in Cape Coral Florida

In this city there are a great number of restaurants but if you are looking for the new restaurants. Then i create a list of top 5 new restaurants in Cape Coral that are following:

  • Protein Paradise
  • Motor City Coney Island
  • Siam Hut
  • Cork Soakers
  • Point 57

Protein Paradise

Protein Paradise is a new restaurant in Cape Coral that is great for people who care about being healthy. It is in the middle of the city and it is special because it focuses on making food that’s good for you and tasty too.

Their menu has dishes with a lot of protein like grilled chicken bowls, salmon salads and even options for people who like plant based food.

The cooks at Protein Paradise use fresh and good quality ingredients to make sure the food is not only yummy but also good for your body. This restaurant looks modern and colorful or the people who work there are friendly and ready to help.

If you are into fitness or just want a meal that’s both delicious and good for you, Protein Paradise is a cool place to check out in Cape Coral.

Motor City Coney Island

Coney's, fries and a pop with bear at Motor city
Coney’s, fries and a pop with bear at Motor city

Motor City Coney Island is a new restaurant in Cape Coral that brings the delicious taste of Michigan to Florida. It is a great place to try Detroit style Coney dogs and other tasty dishes.

Their menu has a lot of options like Coney dogs with chili and onions, yummy sliders, sandwiches and healthy salads. This restaurant has a cool vibe with colorful decorations that make it feel welcoming.

Motor City Coney Island is like a slice of Detroit in Cape Coral and whether you’re a fan of Michigan food or just want to try something new, it’s a fun place to check out.

Siam Hut

Siam Hut which first opened in 1985 is a family owned restaurant in Cape Coral that introduced many locals to tasty Thai food. Their goal was to serve fresh and yummy Thai dishes at reasonable prices.

Now after almost 36 years Siam Hut has become a favorite place for both people who live here and those just visiting.

Their menu has a lot of different options from various parts of Thailand. The dishes are a mix of traditional and modern taste that are all designed to make your taste buds happy.

If you have never tried Thai food then their friendly staff will help you pick a dish you will like. One recommendation is their famous Pad Thai that is a dish loved by many customers.

You can find Siam Hut at 5971 Silver King Blvd STE 116 Cape Coral Florida 33914. It is a great place to explore the delicious world of Thai dishes.

Cork Soakers

Live entertainment at Cork Soakers
Live entertainment at Cork Soakers

Cork Soakers is not like your regular restaurant because it is a fun and relaxed place in Cape Coral that is popular with younger people. They make yummy American food with a creative twist.

The menu at Cork Soakers has classic dishes like fish and chips, mac’n’cheese and deviled eggs but they use interesting ingredients to make them special.

If you are really hungry then you should try The Hangover which is a fried bologna sandwich with egg, bacon, arugula and aioli. It is so good that it is always on the menu, even though Cork Soakers changes things up often.

Another thing you must try is their famous Bloody Mary. It comes with bacon wrapped shrimp, asparagus spears, pepperoncini and a pickle.

You can sit inside or outside but you can not reserve a table so you might need to wait during busy times. If you want to check it out Cork Soakers is at 837 SE 47th Terrace Cape Coral Florida 33904. It is a cool place to enjoy delicious and creative comfort food.

Point 57

Point 57 is a modern American restaurant in Cape Coral that makes fancy food from scratch. It opened in 2017 and is one of the newest gastropubs in town. This restaurant focuses on making special Southern coastal dishes with a fresh twist.

Their menu changes with the seasons and has tasty small plates like steak, seafood and burgers. Even though the dishes might seem simple they have a really deep and yummy taste. Point 57 is proud to use fresh, local ingredients and they update their menu to use the best local produce for each season.

People love Point 57 not just for its creative food but also for its friendly and excellent service. Their staff is passionate about what they do and they make sure everyone feels welcome.

You can easily reserve a table online but they also welcome walk ins. If you have to wait then you can head to the bar where they have a lot of craft beer, wine and cool cocktails with housemade taste.

If you want to visit Point 57 it is located at 3522 Del Prado Blvd S Cape Coral Florida 33904. It is a great place to enjoy tasty and special dishes in a welcoming atmosphere.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, there are a lot of new restaurants in Cape Coral Florida that make the city’s food scene more exciting. Protein Paradise is great if you want healthy and tasty food, Motor City Coney Island brings a taste of Michigan and Siam Hut has been serving yummy Thai dishes since 1985.

Cork Soakers is a fun place with creative American food and Point 57 is a newer spot with fancy dishes. Each restaurant has its own special style that makes Cape Coral a fun place for people who love trying different foods.

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