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10 Best Marco Island FL Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Marco Island is a great place for people who love beaches and delicious food. These lovely Marco Island FL restaurants serve tasty food for everyone. You can have all the international dishes including fresh seafood and juicy steaks. Let’s go on a food adventure and check out some of the amazing restaurants you should try on Marco Island.

Top 10 Marco Island FL Restaurants in Florida

In this article I have created a list of the best Marco Island FL restaurants in Florida where you can eat some of the tasty food in the best atmosphere.

  1. Sale e Pepe
  2. The Sandbar
  3. Mango’s Dockside Bistro
  4. Marek’s Restaurant
  5. CJ’s on the Bay
  6. DaVinci’s Ristorante Italiano
  7. The Oyster Society
  8. Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House
  9. Snook Inn
  10. The SpeakEasy of Marco Island

1. Sale e Pepe

Location: 480 S Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Authentic Italian cuisine, fine wines and decadent desserts.

Located on Marco Island, this wonderful eatery brings the taste of Italy to your plate. It is one of the best Marco Island FL restaurants where you can enjoy amazing Italian flavors. The chefs here are like food artists creating tasty pasta dishes using the freshest ingredients.

Beautiful outdoor terrace View at Sale e Pepe
Beautiful outdoor terrace View at Sale e Pepe

Each bite feels like a journey to Italy with the rich and authentic taste of the meals. Their menu has a variety of options including mouthwatering pasta to delightful desserts and even fine wines for the grown ups.

The atmosphere is nice and friendly which makes it perfect for a special meal. So, if you want to taste the flavors of Italy in a classy setting then visit Sale e Pepe on Marco Island.

2. The Sandbar

Location: 826 E Elkcam Circle Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Seafood, American cuisine and tropical drinks.

The Sandbar is a cool place to eat on Marco Island. It is near the beach and you can enjoy yummy food with your toes almost in the sand. They have lots of different foods like tasty seafood and American dishes. Staff is super friendly and you can sit outside and feel the breeze while eating.

Sandbar is a laid back spot where you can relax after a day of playing on the island. Their menu has all kinds of treats and they make delicious tropical drinks too.

It is perfect for families or friends who want a chill place with good food and a beachy vibe. If you want a casual and happy time then the Sandbar is the place to be.

3. Mango’s Dockside Bistro

Location: 760 N Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Caribbean inspired dishes, seafood and tropical cocktails.

This place is like a taste of the Caribbean right here in Marco Island. The restaurant is called Mango’s Dockside Bistro and it is a special spot with delicious food and a relaxed environment. They offer colorful dishes with flavors that bring the sunshine to your taste buds.

Mango's Dockside Bistro
Mango’s Dockside Bistro

Their special coconut shrimp will make you feel like you are on an island and their jerk chicken will give you an extra spicy kick. Menu in Mango’s Dockside Bistro is like a tropical adventure.

The view of the Gulf is breathtaking which makes every bite even more enjoyable. With its friendly atmosphere and yummy food, it is the perfect spot to have a good time with family or friends.

4. Marek’s Restaurant

Location: 1121 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: American and European cuisine, craft beers and signature cocktails.

This cool place offers a mix of American and European flavors that will make your taste buds dance. Imagine sitting in a cozy spot surrounded by good vibes and trying dishes that are a tasty blend of both worlds.

It is one of the finest Marco Island FL restaurants that serves yummy meals and special drinks. They also serve craft beers that are like a party in your mouth.

No matter if you are in the mood for something hearty or just want to chill with friends, Marek’s Bar & Bistro is the place to be.

5. CJ’s on the Bay

Location: 740 N Collier Boulevard #105 Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: American cuisine, seafood and casual fare.

CJ’s on the bay is a cool place for eating with your family. It is like a cozy home where you can enjoy tasty food without any fuss. Their menu has a mix of everything including yummy seafood and delicious burgers. The tables are near the water so you can watch boats and maybe some dolphins while eating.

CJ's on the Bay
CJ’s on the Bay

They make sure you feel relaxed with their friendly service. It is not a fancy place but it is perfect for a relaxed time with friends.

Restaurant is open air which means you get to feel the island breeze. If you like casual places with good food and a nice view this is the place for you.

6. DaVinci’s Ristorante Italiano

Location: 599 S Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Traditional Italian dishes, pizza and homemade desserts.

DaVinci’s Ristorante Italiano on Marco Island is like taking a delicious trip to Italy. It is a cozy place where the air is filled with the tempting aroma of traditional Italian dishes. You can find several tasty dishes including tasty pasta and mouth watering pizza. Every bite is a taste of Italy’s rich flavors.

The chefs at DaVinci’s use the finest ingredients to create meals that make your taste buds dance with joy. And do not forget about their homemade desserts. They are like a sweet hug for your belly.

With a warm and friendly atmosphere, DaVinci’s is the perfect spot to share a special meal with your family or friends. So, if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience right here on Marco Island then DaVinci’s is the best option.

7. The Oyster Society

Location: 599 S Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Upscale seafood, raw bar and craft cocktails.

Nestled on Marco Island, The Oyster Society invites you to a tasty dining adventure. This special place is not just about delicious food, it is about making your evening unforgettable. With its beautiful setting and attentive staff, it is perfect for a family celebration or a romantic date night.

The Oyster Society
The Oyster Society

Here, you will find a menu filled with fresh seafood including tasty oysters and lobster bisque. Chefs at The Oyster Society focus on creating dishes that are not just tasty but also look like works of art on your plate. The atmosphere is calm and elegant which makes it one of the best Marco Island FL restaurants.

It is a great spot for those who enjoy a more refined dining experience. So, if you are looking for a touch of luxury with a seaside view then the Oyster Society is where you want to be on Marco Island.

8. Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House

Location: 257 N Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Pizza, pasta and Italian American specialties.

It is a friendly spot where you can enjoy delicious pizza and pasta with your family and friends. Picture this, a cozy, family friendly restaurant with a menu full of tasty Italian American favorites. You can pick from a variety of pizzas including classic cheese to loaded toppings.

Their pasta dishes are like a warm hug for your taste buds with savory sauces and perfectly cooked noodles. The atmosphere is casual which makes it a great place for a laid back night out.

With affordable prices and generous portions, Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House is a go to spot for those who crave comfort food in a welcoming setting.

No matter if you are a pizza lover or pasta fan, this one of the amazing Marco Island FL restaurants has something tasty for everyone.

9. Snook Inn

Location: 1215 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Fresh seafood, tropical drinks and stunning waterfront views.

Snook Inn is a special place to eat in Marco Island with a great view. Imagine sitting by the water enjoying yummy food while boats pass by. This restaurant is loved by locals and visitors alike because of its relaxed feeling and tasty seafood. They serve the famous Snook Bite appetizer that everyone talks about.

Snook Inn Marco Island FL Restaurants
Snook Inn Marco Island FL Restaurants

Live music makes the atmosphere even more fun. Snook Inn is perfect for families or friends looking for a laid back meal with a view. So, if you want to try delicious seafood in a friendly setting, Snook Inn is the place to be.

10. The SpeakEasy of Marco Island

Location: 1106 N Collier Boulevard Marco Island Florida 34145 USA

Menu: Craft cocktails, small plates and live entertainment.

The SpeakEasy of Marco Island is like stepping into a cool time machine. It is a place that feels old school but with a modern twist. This special spot is all about making you feel like you are in a secret club from the past.

They serve fancy drinks called craft cocktails which are like delicious juice mixes for grown ups. You can also eat on small plates while listening to live music. It is like a hidden place with a vintage vibe.

This restaurant is not just for adults, kids can enjoy the cool atmosphere too. So, if you ever want to experience a bit of the past with a touch of today, The SpeakEasy of Marco Island is the place to be.

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Bottom Line

Marco Island has lots of yummy food to try. There are many different kinds of tasty dishes and places to eat. No matter if you want to enjoy fresh seafood by the water, try authentic Italian food or just have a relaxed meal with friends. Marco Island FL restaurants have the right taste for you. Go on a food adventure and enjoy all the different flavors that make Marco Island a great place for food lovers.

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