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Greek Restaurants in Sarasota: Greek Goddess

There are a great number of Greek restaurants in Sarasota with yummy smells that invite you to try Mediterranean taste. Traditional warmth at Opa Greek Cuisine & Fun to modern twists at The Greek Grill all these places offer a taste of Greece. Join us as we explore the simple joy of all these Greek restaurants in Sarasota where the delicious dishes make you feel like you are in sunny Greece. Opa

Charm of Eating Greek

In Sarasota Greek restaurants are special because they have a friendly atmosphere and delicious smells of herbs and spices. Greek food is known for using fresh and good quality ingredients that make it simple and full of tasty flavors. No matter if you are enjoying classic dishes like moussaka and souvlaki or your favorite Greek salads each plate shows the rich food history of Greece.

Top 4 Greek Restaurants in Sarasota

In Sarasota there are a lot of restaurants that offer Greek taste but I create a list of top 4 Greek restaurants in Sarasota that are following:

  • Athens Family Restaurant
  • Apollonia Grill Landings Sarasota
  • Blu Kouzina
  • Greek Taverna

Athens Family Restaurant

Dining area of Athens Family Restaurant
Dining area of Athens Family Restaurant

There is a nice and most famous restaurant in Sarasota that is called Athens Family Restaurant. It is in a plaza and serves yummy Greek food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The family who owns it makes it a nice place for a relaxed meal with friends or family. Inside it looks simple but pretty with warm lights and Greek decorations. The prices of this restaurant are good especially for dinner.

They have tasty dishes like gyro with crispy fries for lunch and a yummy chicken lemon soup. At dinner the grilled lemon chicken is healthy but the veggies might need more taste. They also offer vegetarian choices such as spanakopita, a pie with creamy spinach and feta.

Athens Family Restaurant has a couple of Greek wines and beers. For dessert try the traditional baklava. It’s flaky and just sweet enough. Sometimes they have special celebrations with music and belly dancers.

In short Athens Family Restaurant is a fantastic place for yummy Greek food in Sarasota.The owners are really kind and the service is excellent. If you want tasty Greek dishes at a good price then you should definitely check it out.

Apollonia Grill Landings Sarasota

Apollonia Grill Landings Sarasota is a fancy restaurant in Sarasota that serves yummy Mediterranean food. It looks modern and clean with indoor and outdoor seats. Inside it’s pretty with warm wood and soft lights. The prices are fair and there is easy parking. Its bar has a lot of wines and special drinks.

They make tasty dishes like Lamb Shank Osso Bucco, Mixed Grill and Boneless Branzino. People really like the Three Dips, Saganaki Opa and Tuna Crudo. For drinks, try the Apollonia Martini and Turkish coffee. They also have a good selection of red, white and rose wines from different places.

In short this restaurant in Sarasota is a fantastic place if you like delicious Mediterranean food in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Blu Kouzina

Beautiful décor of Blu Kouzina
Beautiful décor of Blu Kouzina

This restaurant serves delicious Greek and Mediterranean food. They have tasty dishes like lamb shanks, grilled octopus and Greek salads. Don’t forget to try their yummy desserts like pudding, baklava and orange cakes.

They offer different wines so I hope you will find one you like. You can also get good drinks like americano, tea or juice. People like the staff because they are nice. The prices are fair and the place looks nice. On Google people gave this restaurant a rating of 4.5 because they liked it a lot.

Greek Taverna

This place has Greek and Mediterranean recipes. Must try their delicious grilled octopus, lamb shanks, and Greek salads a try. Bring your family to enjoy yummy desserts like baklava, pudding and baked custard. If you like wine then you will find it here and they also serve great coffee.

The comfortable atmosphere at Greek Tavern is good for relaxing. People like the creative staff and say the service is excellent. The prices are okay. People say the decoration is wonderful. Google users who went here gave it a good rating of 4.6.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Greek restaurants in Sarasota take you on a tasty journey to Greece. Imagine enjoying yummy meals while thinking about sunny landscapes and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. If you are at Apollonia Grill Landings Sarasota, Blu Kouzina or Athens Family Restaurant. Then you will get a taste of Greece in Sarasota. Greek food is all about fresh ingredients and bold taste that makes it a yummy adventure. So when you are in Sarasota then picture walking through its charming streets, smelling the tasty Greek dishes and feeling the warmth of Mediterranean hospitality.

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