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Good Restaurants in Fort Myers: Delicious Dining

Fort Myers is a lovely place in Florida with delicious food. It’s not just any city it’s a special food destination. They have fresh seafood and a lot of other tasty dishes.

It’s not only about seafood they have many different dishes and meals to try. The food is so good that you will want to eat more.

I have researched many restaurants in Fort Myers and found the good ones for you.

When you are making your plan to go to Fort Myers then remember to include a visit to these good restaurants in this city there. Also don’t forget to try the seafood from the area. In this article we are going to discuss the good restaurants in Fort Myers. Let’s start.

Top Good Restaurants in Fort Myers

In this city there are a lot of good restaurants that are perfect for dining and offer delicious food in their menu. But top 3 of them are following:

  • Cibo
  • Cantina Laredo
  • Farmer’s Market Restaurant


If you are searching for a place to eat in Fort Myers where the food is yummy and the atmosphere is fun? Then I think Cibo is the best choice for you.

This Italian restaurant in this city satisfies the craving of every taste and offers you a variety of dishes that you want.

They cook up all sorts of delicious things that will make you smile. Crispy pizzas to saucy pasta this restaurant knows how to make your tummy happy.

The best part is that you will feel like you are at a party with friends when you are there. If you are a local or a tourist or want to have a great time with fantastic food then this is the best place for you.

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta Ready to Eat at Cibo
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta Ready to Eat at Cibo

Menu & Dishes

In this restaurant you can find a variety of pasta dishes, wood fired pizzas and delicious desserts on their menu. This restaurant’s focus on unique taste and quality ingredients makes it a must visit place for Italian food lovers in the Fort Myers area.

Location: 12901 McGregor Blvd #16 Fort Myers Florida 33919

Phone number: +1 239-454-3700

Specialty: Italian restaurant

Famous Dish: Tasty Margherita Pizza & delicious Fettuccine Alfredo are some famous dishes of this restaurant.

Hours: Friday – Thursday 4pm-9 pm

Cantina Laredo

It is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Fort Myers that offers delicious dishes of Mexico. It offers Mexican dishes to new heights.

This restaurant offers a modern and chic setting combined with a variety of innovative dishes.

Enjoy the relaxed dining at Cantina Laredo
Enjoy the relaxed dining at Cantina Laredo

Menu & Dishes

The famous dish of this restaurant gourmet guacamole that is prepared tableside is delicious and the variety of salsas add a yummy taste to every bite.

This restaurant also offers a variety of wine, steaks and a diverse range of seafood dishes. The amazing and upscale restaurant focuses on high quality or fresh ingredients and skilled chefs of Cantina Laredo provide an amazing dining experience to their customers.

Location: Bell Tower at 5200 Big Pine WAY Fort Myers Florida

Phone: +1 239-415-4424

Specialty: Mexican

Famous Dishes: Tacos, Burritos, Gourmet Guacamole and Fajitas are some famous dishes of this restaurant.


    • Friday 11 am-11 pm
    • Saturday 12-11 pm
    • Sunday – Thursday 10 am-10 pm

This restaurant also offers happy hours that can be changed with the passage of time. So I suggest you check the website of this restaurant for happy hours.

Farmer’s Market Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its world class taste. Farmer’s Market Restaurant is a southern specialist restaurant in this city. As its name shows it is located in Fort Myers State Farmers Market.

This amazing restaurant has been serving food since 1952 and is known as the longest operating restaurant in this country. They served freshly prepared dishes by using fresh ingredients.

Every customer can enjoy their delicious food and their taste. It is one of the best places to eat in this city.

Interioe of Farmer's Market That is one of the good Restaurant fort myers.
Interioe of Farmer’s Market That is one of the good Restaurant fort myers.

Menu & Dishes

This restaurant offers fried fish, pulled pork and tasty thick french toast in their menu. They also offer macaroni and cheese, cheesy grits and fried okras in their side menu.

It also offers a variety of beverages and drinks like lemonade, coffee and juices like apple juice or orange juice.

Location: 2736 Edison Ave Fort Myers Florida 33916

Phone: +1 239-334-1687

Specialty: Southern restaurant

Famous Dishes: Fried chicken, smoked pork, greens and cheese are some famous dishes of this restaurant.

Hours: Friday- Thursday 7am-7 pm

Takeout Hours:

    • Friday – Thursday 11 am-6 pm
    • Sunday Closed

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Fort Myers is the most beautiful city that is known because of its beautiful beaches, Manatee Park and Loop Road. The Zoomers Amusement Park is one of the most famous in all over Florida for more enjoyment.

If you are a local or a tourist then must go to these places to enjoy yourself with your family and friends or a loved one.

Fort Myers has many great restaurants with delicious food. You can enjoy everything from fresh seafood to tasty Italian dishes.

If you live here or are just visiting the good restaurants in Fort Myers are wonderful places to have a good meal. The food is tasty and the atmosphere is nice or the service is good.

These restaurants make Fort Myers a great place for food lovers. All types of good restaurants in this city are available like Italian, seafood or vegetarian if you are a vegetarian.

If you want to know about more restaurants then read our article some of them I mentioned below.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of food can I find at the good restaurants in Fort Myers?

You can find a variety of food in Fort Myers good restaurants. They offer options like seafood, Italian, American and more so there is everything for everyone’s taste.

Are there kid friendly options available at these good restaurants in Fort Myers?

Yes many good restaurants in Fort Myers have kid friendly menus with items like burgers, pasta and pizza to grab to younger diners.

How can I make reservations at the good restaurants in Fort Myers to ensure I get a table?

You can make reservations at these restaurants by calling them directly or using their websites or popular reservation platforms like OpenTable. It’s a good idea especially during busy times to secure your table is reserved in advance.

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