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Top 4 Fort Myers Lunch Restaurants: Enjoy Diverse Tastes

Are you hungry for lunch? Then don’t worry that Fort Myers lunch restaurants are here to offer you delicious food and a variety of dishes. A lot of restaurants in Fort Myers offer lunch menus as well as breakfast and dinner. I have a team that really likes food and some of them are food lovers. When we go to new places we want to eat at the places that everyone likes. In Fort Myers lunch restaurants we really enjoy eating and spending time together. These places have super delicious food you should try. If you are a local or a visitor get ready to discover a world of dishes that are sure to satisfy your hunger and make your lunchtime extra special for you.

You can believe what I say:

I looked on the internet and read from 9 good websites and blogs like Culture Trip, Tripadvisor and Florida Trippers or many more. We put all the information together and ranked the places based on how many times they were talked about. This way you will know which places are the best.

4 Best Fort Myers Lunch Restaurants

In Fort Myers there are a great number of restaurants that offer delicious lunch menus to their customers. Top 4 lunch restaurants of them are following:



This colorful teahouse is not right in the main part of downtown. It’s in a really old and cool house from the early 1900s. The place feels calm and reminds you of old times. You can eat salads, soups and bread that they make when it’s the right season. Most of the food is not heavy but if you are really hungry they also have bigger things like a sandwich with roast beef or meatloaf on the lunch menu. The best things they make are sweet dishes and many different kinds of tea from all over the world. They do a special thing in the afternoon called traditional tea service. They bring you small bites on trays with different levels. You can also get food that does not have gluten if you want.

Family enjoying tea in Wisteria Tea Room & Café 
Family enjoying tea in Wisteria Tea Room & Café

Menu and Dishes

Special Dish: Traditional Afternoon Tea Service or tiered Trays of Expertly Prepared Bites

Other Highlights:
  • Sandwiches, Salads and Wraps
  • Fresh Ingredients and amazing Atmosphere
  • Selection of Teas from Around the World
  • Homemade Desserts and Pies
  • These are the standout dishes

Why it’s good for lunch: It’s a nice and pretty place to meet up for lunch especially if you like girly stuff. They have a lot of tea, sandwiches, salads and more to choose from.
Location: 2512 Second St Fort Myers Florida 33901
Hours: Friday-Thursday 10:45 am–2:30 pm ,Sunday-Monday Closed
Famous Dish: Enjoy tiered trays of expertly prepared small bites
Phone: +1 239-689-4436


A lot of people like this place mainly because of where it is. The McGregor Café is in an old house in a nice older part of town with big oak trees and other tropical plants. It’s located next to the famous McGregor Boulevard. If you want to sit outside it’s very relaxed you can even wear your workout clothes and not feel strange. The people who work there are always nice and if you like indoor sittings with air conditioning you can also do that. Even though they are really famous for their special quiche they also have a lot of different salads that are big. If you are really hungry you could try a bowl of pasta or you can get a Reuben sandwich with their own corned beef. And guess what? If you like breakfast you can still have it even when it’s lunchtime.

Reuben sandwich with kosher dill pickle and coleslaw
Reuben sandwich with kosher dill pickle and coleslaw

Menu and Dishes

Special Dish: Comfort Food Classics or Big Sandwiches and Salads

Other Highlights:
  • Breakfast Items Available for Lunch
  • Outdoor Seating with Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Southern Hospitality

Why it’s good for lunch: The McGregor Café has a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy big sandwiches, salads and even breakfast stuff.
Address: 4305 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers Florida 33901
Hours: Friday-Thursday 8 am-3 pm, Tuesday Closed
Phone: +1 239-936-1771


The Farmers Market is the oldest restaurant that’s been open nonstop in Lee County. It’s not where many people usually go it is located in an industrial area. This place does not try to look fancy it feels like you are at home. The food they give you is a lot just like what a Southern Grandma would do. They have been serving this kind of food since the 1960s.

When you order lunch or dinner you don’t get just one side dish you get THREE sides for only $11.95. They also give you a basket of cornbread and rolls. They have really tasty food like mashed potatoes with gravy or Southern favorites like country fried steak, fried okra and collard greens. The portions are so big that you will probably have some left to take home. Don’t forget to save some space for their super yummy homemade desserts and pies.

Front look of Farmers Market that is one of the best Fort Myers lunch restaurants
Front look of Farmers Market Restaurant

Menu and Dishes

Special Dish: Hearty Southern Meals, large Portions with Southern Flavors
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Other Highlights:
  • Country Fried Steak
  • Fried Okra and Collard Greens
  • Homemade Desserts and Pies

Why it’s good for lunch: This restaurant has been around for 65 years and it is run by a family. They cook meals that taste like home and give you a lot to eat along with a big helping of Southern kindness.
Address: 2736 Edison Ave Fort Myers Florida 33916
Hours: Friday-Thursday 7 am–7 pm, Sunday Closed
Phone: +1 239-334-1687


This is a family owned health food market that has been around in Fort Myers since the late 1970s. It changed owners a few times and closed briefly before reopening better than before. The Green Leaf Café at the front is a place to sit and eat tasty or healthy meals. They have choices like black bean burgers and dishes with grass fed beef like beef with spinach, artichoke and goat cheese. Their sandwiches and salads are fresh, full of taste and there are plenty of dishes. If you are busy they also have ready made options that are really good. This café does not only offer veggie and fruit juices you can also get a glass of wine in this restaurant.

Friends drink wine. Couple toasting wineglasses in a luxury restaurant at ADA'S NATURAL MARKET
Friends drink wine. Couple toasting wineglasses in a luxury restaurant at ADA’S NATURAL MARKET

Menu and Dishes

Special Dish: Grass Fed Beef Roulade, Stuffed with spinach, artichoke and goat cheese

Other Highlights:
  • Black Bean Burgers
  • Fresh Sandwiches and Salads
  • Pre-made Healthy Options

Why it’s good for lunch: This café is inside a health food store and has many dishes that taste good and are good for you.
Address: 7070 College Pkwy Fort Myers Florida 33907
Hours: Friday-Thursday 8 am-8 pm, Sunday 10 am-5 pm
Phone: +1 239-939-9600

Bottom Line

All in all, Fort Myers lunch restaurants offer a variety of tastes that satisfy everyone’s cravings. Sandwiches to seafood and comfort food to international delights each bite is a celebration of taste. Doesn’t matter if you are a local or just passing through take a seat at these Fort Myers lunch restaurants and let your taste buds dance in joy. After all in Fort Myer even a simple lunch is full of great taste. All these restaurants have a great taste and have a unique atmosphere from each other. Choose the best that fits best according to your taste and preference. And if you want to know about more restaurants in Fort Myers then read our related article to get the wealth of knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of top 4 Fort Myers lunch restaurants?

There are a lot of restaurants in this city that offer delicious dishes for lunch. Top 4 of them are following:


What is the name of one of the most famous Fort Myers lunch restaurants?

According to my taste and preference MCGREGOR CAFE is one of the best lunch restaurants in this city. Because it has an amazing atmosphere and has both indoor and outdoor sittings.

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