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8 Best Fort Myers Beach Bars for Every Taste and Vibe

Fort Myers Beach Bars are special places along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. They are known for their relaxed vibes and cool atmospheres.

Relaxed places with sandy toes to fancier places with amazing sunset views Fort Myers Beach Bars have a lot of things for everyone. This guide will show you around these beach bars and explore the different tastes or feelings each one gives.

If you are a local or visiting for the first time these beach bars have tasty drinks and a fun beach vibe that you will remember. So let’s go on a beach adventure and discover the awesome places that make Fort Myers Beach Bars so cool.

8 Best Fort Myers Beach Bars

Well Fort Myers Beach has some awesome beach bars for you to enjoy during your vacation. But I create a list of top 8 bars on Fort Myers beach that are following:

  • Sunset Beach Tropical Grill
  • Yucatan Beach Stand
  • Lani Kai Beach Bar
  • Outrigger Beach Bar
  • The Whale
  • Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Café
  • Salty Crab
  • The Beach Pub

Sunset Beach Tropical Grill

Enjoy food with view at Sunset Beach Tropical Grill
Enjoy food with view at Sunset Beach Tropical Grill

The Sunset Beach Tropical Grill is a cool restaurant and beach bar in the middle of Fort Myers Beach, right near Times Square. It’s a popular place because it has awesome views of the Gulf of Mexico and the pier.

Atmosphere of this bar is chill and welcoming that makes it a favorite for people who live here and visitors too. What’s great is they have a menu with a lot of yummy food. My top pick is always the tasty fish tacos they are so good.

And to go with it I like getting a cold Corona. The best part is sitting there, eating and enjoying the sound of the waves. If you are looking for a nice place to eat with a fantastic view on Fort Myers Beach then the Sunset Beach Tropical Grill is the best place to check out.

Yucatan Beach Stand

If you are in the mood for a casual and funky beach bar experience then Yucatan Beach Stand is the best place to be for you. It is famous for its colorful décor and eclectic vibes and captures the essence of Fort Myers Beach’s relaxed lifestyle.

Enjoy their signature drinks such as the “Yucatan Punch,” and taste their delectable fish tacos. With live music and a welcoming atmosphere Yucatan Beach Stand is a fantastic place to unwind with friends or family.

Lani Kai Beach Bar

Friends enjoying their drinks at Lani Kia Bar
Friends enjoying their drinks at Lani Kia Bar

The Lani Kai Beach Bar is a super fun place in Fort Myers Beach where a lot of people go to have a good time in the sun. It is a part of the Lani Kai Island Resort and is a favorite for both locals and visitors.

I think it is a must visit place when you are in Ft. Myers Beach. They are famous for making a really yummy drink called a rum runner. The beach bar is not just about drinks because it is also lively with music and a lot of fun things to do especially in spring break.

Outrigger Beach Bar

It is one of the best Fort Myers beach bars that is a part of the Outrigger Beach Resort and is right by the beach. People love to come here to have a good time near the water.

You can enjoy awesome views of the Gulf of Mexico while chilling out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This bar is known for serving up all kinds of refreshing drinks like tropical cocktails and cold beverages that are perfect for sipping in the warm sun.

It is a laid back place where you can relax, have a tasty drink and enjoy the beautiful beach in Fort Myers.

The Whale

People enjoying their drinks at The Whale in Fort Myers
People enjoying their drinks at The Whale

For a really cool time at a beach bar go to The Whale. It is fancy and looks nice with its decorations and being right by the beach. This place adds a bit of fancy style to your evening.

You can have a special drink and look at the amazing view of the Gulf. The Beached Whale also has a great menu with fancy steaks, fresh seafood and a lot of different wines. It is a perfect pick if you want a fancy and classy dinner right by the beach.

Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Café

Go a little way down from Fort Myers Beach and you will find Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Café. It is a special place by Fish Trap Bay that is away from the busy beach area. Bonita Bills is like a secret treasure because it is peaceful and calm.

This café has the cool vibe of a tiki bar by the water and feels like a comfortable local place. You can have a cold beer, try their famous fish and chips and enjoy the calm views by the water.

Salty Crab

Crowded Bonita Bill's Waterfront Café
Crowded Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Café

The Salty Crab is a really nice beach place in Fort Myers Beach. It is by the sea and loved by both locals and visitors. This beach bar has a relaxed feel that makes it a perfect place to chill and enjoy the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

You can sit outside and see the whole coastline which is pretty cool. The Salty Crab has yummy seafood on the menu like fresh catches and tasty appetizers.

So no matter if you are having a tropical drink or trying some seafood The Salty Crab is a great place to enjoy good food, good friends and the peacefulness of Fort Myers Beach.

The Beach Pub

The Beach Pub is right on Fort Myers Beach and it is a special place where you can put your toes in the sand.

Even though this beach bar does not serve food or have a full bar because it’s still one of the best and most fun places on this beach. On our fun scale it’s like a 5 Flamingo Florida beach bar.

It is best to walk there from the beach because parking is limited. The Beach Pub is small with a bar and pool table inside but most people sit outside in the sand. There are tables, umbrellas and the band plays outside too. Only in Paradise can you do that.

This beach bar only serves beer and wine and they do not have food. But when we have been there it does not seem to bother anyone. Everyone is friendly, the bands are great and it is a cash only bar so bring your cash.

Their slogan is “Cold Beer and Sunsets Served Daily” so come for the cold beer and stay for a beautiful For. Myers sunset. Just make sure you are not too hungry and you will love this little Florida beach bar.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Fort Myers Beach Bars are like the heartbeat of this lively coastal town that gives us a taste of both relaxation and fun by the sea. There are different kinds of bars from those where you can wiggle your toes in the sand to fancier ones with amazing views.

Each bar has its own story that makes Fort Myers Beach special for people who live here and those just visiting. If you are sipping a cold drink and watching the waves or enjoying music with friends these beach bars make sure you have awesome memories of sunny days and good times.

They are not just places to chill because they are the places where people come together to enjoy the Gulf’s beauty, good company and the excitement of being by the beach.

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