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Downtown Fort Myers Restaurants: Satisfy Your Cravings

Going for a long trip around Sanibel Island is a good idea if you want a romantic time and a beautiful sunset. There are a great number of Downtown Fort Myers restaurants that serve fantastic food, have excellent service and offer amazing views.

Ten years ago Downtown Fort Myers had different kinds of restaurants. Nowadays some rich restaurant owners have put a lot of money into making beautiful restaurants. But not all of them are the same. These Downtown Fort Myers restaurants serve food that is just as delicious as it looks.

In this city you can also find a variety of other beautiful places and other fun activities like Fort Myers beaches and a lot of parks that include Zoomers Amusement Park, Lakes Park and Manatee Park, all these parks are very interesting and beautiful. In this article we are going to discuss these restaurants. Let’s start.

Top 5 Downtown Fort Myers Restaurants

In this city there are a lot of restaurants that offer delicious food and amazing dining experience top 5 of them are following:

  • First Street Restaurant and Bar
  • Downtown Social House
  • City Tavern
  • Ford’s Garage
  • The Veranda

First Street Restaurant and Bar

Location: 2236 First St Fort Myers Florida 33901

Downtown Fort Myers does not have many places to eat or pubs. But there is a special place called First Street Restaurant & Bar in the Riverfront District.

They say it’s the best in Florida for food, drinks and wine. It’s a unique place by the river. You can enjoy delicious meals made by their skilled chefs all day at First Street Restaurant. It’s not like other restaurants or bars.

Public enjot at First Street Restaurant and Bar
Public enjot at First Street Restaurant and Bar

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. In short if you are looking for a place to eat or have a drink in Downtown Fort Myers then First Street is the best choice.

First Street Restaurant takes pride in offering the finest local beers on tap and in bottles in Fort Myers. They also have a good selection of English beers.

Plus they have a big variety of vintage and handmade wines. It is one of the best Downtown Fort Myers restaurants.

Downtown Social House

Location: 1406 Hendry St Fort Myers Florida 33901

There is a wine bar in Downtown Fort Myers that has been around for a long time. They recently added a small restaurant and a place to enjoy cocktails. Before it used to be an outdoor area under trees.

The drinks are really good and they make their own special bitters and syrups and they also put fresh fruit in them. A lot of people like to go to this place because it is one of the popular Downtown Fort Myers restaurants.

Enjoy a variety of Wines and Cocktails
Enjoy a variety of Wines and Cocktails

Their menu is not very long but it has enough options to get a few different drinks. Social House is a great place to start or finish your evening downtown.

And if you are lucky enough to get a good table outside then you might want to stay there all night.

City Tavern

Location: 2206 Bay St Fort Myers Florida 33901

This restaurant is right by the river in Downtown Fort Myers and it’s owned by local people. City Tavern has been a favorite place for happy hours and nightlife here for over 20 years.

Enjoy a variety of cocktail and wines at City Tavern
Enjoy a variety of cocktail and wines at City Tavern

During the week it is a friendly neighborhood bar where it can get pretty crowded. But on weekends it turns into a lively bar with a lot of people standing. They also have outdoor seating which is nice.

You can enjoy their special deals on beer any day, try food made by Chef Brian Duffy, dance, play darts, use their free Wi-Fi or just hang out with friends.

The staff there is really welcoming and will make you feel comfortable. Downtown Fort Myers has a lot of fun things to do and City Tavern is a great place to start your River District adventure.

Ford’s Garage

Location: 2207 First St Fort Myers Florida 33901

I usually do not talk about restaurant chains but the very first restaurant of this fun food chain opened in Ft. Myers in 2012. This restaurant is all about celebrating Henry Ford who had a winter home just a mile away.

It looks like a 1920s service station with old Ford cars, gas pumps and other car stuff. The bar is pretty cool too, with old brick, wood and a copper top like what they had during the time when alcohol was banned.

Downtown Fort Myers Restaurants
Pork steaks

This place is all about American stuff like fancy burgers and craft beer. They have burgers named after local famous people and heroes. This restaurant also serves classic American comfort food like homemade meatloaf, BBQ pork ribs, mac and cheese and more.

Ford’s Garage is open for lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch and they have happy hours from Monday to Friday. If you like tasty food in a place that feels like a piece of American history and nostalgia then you will enjoy eating at Ford’s Garage. That’s why it made it to our list of great downtown Fort. Myers restaurants.

The Veranda

Location: 2122 Second St Fort Myers Florida 33901

If you want a special and romantic restaurant that is full of history and charm then The Veranda is a great choice and one of the best restaurants in downtown Ft. Myers.

The Veranda one of the most beautiful restaurants in Downtown Fort Myers
The Veranda one of the most beautiful restaurants in Downtown Fort Myers

It has been serving delicious food in Fort Myers since 1978 and has won many awards.

The Veranda is located in two beautiful old houses from the past. They mostly serve Southern Regional dishes which are food from the southern United States.

You can start with appetizers like Southern Grit Cakes and Blue Crab Cakes. For the main course they have a Mixed Grill of Fresh Fish, Gulf Shrimp & Sea Scallops with Prosciutto Cream Fettuccine and a classic Chateaubriand for two.

Don’t forget to save some space for dessert especially the Triple Layer Chocolate Pâté with Raspberry Coulis. It’s a perfect way to end your memorable romantic dinner.

They also have a big list of wines and great service. The Veranda is a wonderful choice for a special and romantic night out.

Bottom Line

All in all, Knowing that you can find tasty food like this in the historic town of Fort Myers helps you appreciate the lively culture of this valuable Gulf Coast place.

These are the top 5 downtown Fort Myers restaurants . Some are fancy in old buildings while others are hidden in plain looking shopping areas. They all have a nice atmosphere, good service, delicious food and are excellent places to eat that people love to come back to.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of dishes can I find in Downtown Fort Myers restaurants?

Downtown Fort Myers restaurants offer a wide range of dishes that include Southern, American, seafood, Italian and more. You will find something to suit every taste.

Do Downtown Fort Myers restaurants have vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes many restaurants in Downtown Fort Myers offer vegetarian and vegan menu items. They cater to a variety of dietary preferences so you can enjoy your meal regardless of your dietary restrictions.

Is it necessary to make reservations at Downtown Fort Myers restaurants?

It’s a good idea to make reservations especially during peak dining hours or on weekends as some popular restaurants can get busy. However not all restaurants require reservations and you can often walk in and find a table depending on the time and day of the week.

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