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Best Cuban Restaurants in Sarasota: Delicious Adventure

Tasting Cuban food in Sarasota is a special experience. Cuban restaurants in Sarasota make the taste of these lively dishes come alive. These places make a friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy yummy Cuban dishes in Florida. If you like comfortable places with bright decorations or fancier places then Sarasota’s Cuban restaurants have a lot of things for everyone. Get ready for a tasty journey that brings the warmth and goodness of Cuba to your table. Let’s come with me and take a closer look at some of the best Cuban restaurants in Sarasota where simplicity meets sensational taste.

Top 3 Cuban Restaurants in Sarasota

In this city there are a great number of restaurants that offer delicious Cuban food. But some of them have a specialty to deliver the best taste of Cuba in Sarasota. I create a list of these restaurants for you that are following:

  • Rincon Cubano
  • Columbia Restaurant
  • Café Havana

Rincon Cubano

Beautiful interior of Rincon Cubano
Beautiful interior of Rincon Cubano

Rincon Cubano in Sarasota is a comfortable Cuban restaurant that feels like a little piece of Cuba in the city. When you walk into this place it is welcoming with Cuban decorations and a friendly atmosphere. Its menu has a lot of tasty Cuban dishes like the slow roasted pork called Lechon Asado and the flavorful shredded beef in Vaca Frita. They also serve classic sides like black beans, rice and sweet plantains that go well with the main dishes. The staff at Rincon Cubano is nice and makes you feel at home eager to share the deliciousness of Cuban food. If you are already a fan of Cuban dishes or trying it for the first time then Rincon Cubano is a great place to enjoy simple and tasty Cuban dishes in Sarasota.

Recommended dishes: Tostones, Cuban Sandwich and Sweet Plantains

Specialty: Restaurant

Columbia Restaurant

Pollo Manchego breaded chicken breast topped with citrus sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil
Pollo Manchego breaded chicken breast topped with citrus sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil

If you want a fancy sitting and Cuban meal then go to the Columbia Restaurant in Sarasota. It is a family friendly restaurant with a long history since 1905 that mixes old traditions with new ideas. This place in Sarasota is in a pretty area called St. Armands Circle makes it a nice place to enjoy Cuban food.

The Columbia Restaurant’s menu combines Cuban and Spanish dishes for a special mix of taste. Try their famous 1905 Salad that is a refreshing blend of crisp lettuce, ham, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, olives, Romano cheese and their famous garlic dressing. Even though the menu has many options this restaurant always stays true to delivering great quality and taste.

Recommended dishes: 1905 Salad for Lunch, Spanish Bean Soup, Flan and Soup

Specialty: Restaurant, Seafood

Café Havana

Café Havana the best Cuban restaurant in Sarasota
Café Havana

For those who are looking for a laid back atmosphere paired with delectable Cuban dishes Café Havana is the perfect choice. This outstanding restaurant is located on Siesta Key that captures the essence of a Cuban beachside café. The outdoor seating of this restaurant is complete with tropical plants and a casual vibe that sets the stage for a leisurely dining experience.

Café Havana’s menu showcases a variety of Cuban delights that includes the popular Cuban Sandwich. Layers of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and mayo come together in a pressed Cuban bread that creates a sandwich that embodies the essence of Cuban street food. The friendly staff and live music on select evenings add to the overall charm of Café Havana that makes it a must visit restaurant for those looking for a taste of Cuba in a relaxed setting.

Recommended dishes: Cuban Toast, Churrasco Steak, Black Beans and Rice.

Specialty: Cafe, Cuban Restaurant

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Cuban restaurants in Sarasota offer a tasty journey into Cuba’s food traditions. No matter if you are at a comfortable place or a fancier one then each restaurant has special Cuban dishes to enjoy. Classic Cuban sandwiches to tasty Ropa Vieja there is a lot of things for everyone. The friendly atmosphere and nice staff make them more than just about the food they are about sharing a piece of Cuba with your loved ones. So if you are in Sarasota then make sure to try the delicious Cuban dishes and enjoy the diverse taste of Cuban dishes.

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