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Chinese Restaurants in Sarasota: Top Picks

There are many Chinese restaurants in Sarasota that offer a mix of traditional and modern dishes. No matter if you are a local or a visitor these restaurants bring the tasty food of China to the Gulf Coast.

If you are looking for the Chinese restaurants in this city then don’t need to worry about that because you are on the right place.

In this article I’m going to discuss about the best Chinese restaurants in Sarasota from comfortable places to busier ones. Each restaurant has a menu full of delicious options.

I do a lot of research on these restaurants by visiting a lot of websites and collecting information from the people’s reviews.

Now I am able to write this article so join me as we explore the world of Chinese restaurants in Sarasota. Where every bite tells a delicious story of different tastes and cultures.

6 Best Chinese Restaurants in Sarasota

In this city there are a great number of restaurants that offer Chinese dishes in their menu. But you know that I have a passion of searching and exploring great restaurants. That’s why I create a list of top 6 Chinese restaurants in Sarasota that are following:

  • Asian Kitchen
  • Mandarin Express
  • P.F. Chang’s
  • Yummy House China Bistro Sarasota
  • Wok Inn
  • Happy Dragon

Asian Kitchen

Dining room of Asian Kitchen
Dining room of Asian Kitchen

Asian Kitchen in Sarasota is a cool restaurant where you can taste yummy Asian food. They have a mix of dishes from different Asian countries like China, Thailand and Japan. But it has a specialty in Chinese food.

It is also known as the best Chinese restaurant in Sarasota. Their menu has everything from classic stir fries to tasty sushi.

The chefs of this restaurant make sure to use fresh and good quality ingredients that make the food delicious and unique. This restaurant has a nice and comfortable vibe that makes it perfect for casual meals or special occasions.

If you are into sushi then they have a bar where you can watch the chefs make it. And if you are a meat lover, vegetarian or have special dietary needs then this Asian Kitchen has a lot of things for everyone.

Their staff is friendly and they sometimes have special dishes or drinks to keep things interesting. It is a great place to enjoy the diverse and tasty Chinese dishes in Sarasota. Trust me you will never be disappointed if you try Asian Kitchen delicious Chinese and Thailand dishes.

Location: 5555 Palmer Crossing Cir Sarasota Florida 34233

Mandarin Express

This restaurant lets people try yummy Chinese food. You can eat tasty orange chicken, egg rolls and lo mein at Mandarin Express. They also serve delicious bourbon and good wine.

Think about tasty food and nice staff that’s what you get at this place. The staff of this restaurant cares about giving good service. The prices are said to be average.

You can find all Chinese and fast food dishes here. Trust me you will never be disappointed by their services and taste.

Location: 81 N Cattlemen Rd, Sarasota Florida 34243

P.F. Chang’s

 Shrimp Tempura Roll – Sushi Menu on the table of P.F. Chang’s
Shrimp Tempura Roll Sushi Menu on the table of P.F. Chang’s

Chang’s is the first well known Asian restaurant that focuses on wok cooking as the main part of the guest experience.

While it started with Chinese food its menu now includes dishes from all over Asia. It celebrates cultures and recipes from places like Japan, Korea, Thailand and more. People love to go there for a mix of delicious taste in a friendly setting.

Why is PF Chang’s called that?

PF Chang’s stands for Paul Fleming (P.F.) and Philip Chiang (Chang). The restaurant is named after the people who created it using their initials.

Location: 766 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota Florida 34236

Yummy House China Bistro Sarasota

Yummy House China Bistro in Sarasota is a great place for tasty Chinese food. People love it because of its atmosphere and yummy dishes like General Tso’s Chicken and Beef and Broccoli.

The chefs of this restaurant make sure the food is fresh and delicious. The service is friendly that makes it a favorite place for many locals. If you want to enjoy unique and delicious Chinese food in Sarasota then Yummy House is the best place to be for you.

Location: 1737 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Florida 34239

Wok Inn

Exterior of Wok Inn
Exterior of Wok Inn

Wok Inn in Sarasota is a great place for yummy Chinese and Asian food. People love it for its tasty dishes and friendly atmosphere. Its menu has a mix of classic Chinese and Asian options like stir fries and noodle dishes.

All dishes in Wok Inn are made with fresh and good quality ingredients. Their chefs do a great job and the staff is friendly that makes it a comfortable place for everyone.

If you are in the mood for General Tso’s Chicken or hot and sour soup then Wok Inn is the perfect place for tasty Chinese and Asian dishes in Sarasota.

Location: 1287 S Beneva Rd, Sarasota Florida 34232

Happy Dragon

At this restaurant you can try tasty wontons, vegetable lo mein and crab rangoon. According to reviews the waiters of this restaurant make good bourbon. Some guests don’t like the biscuits at Happy Dragon.

If you are in a rush then this place is good for takeout especially for those who want a quick supper. People say the staff is creative and the service is great. Prices are considered reasonable by guests.

The calm atmosphere adds to the tasty meals and the great location of the restaurant. However this restaurant got a high rating on Google.

Location: #11 of 90 Chinese restaurants in Sarasota

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the Chinese restaurants in Sarasota bring a mix of tasty dishes to the city’s food scene. They have both familiar dishes and exciting new ones that make them important parts of the community.

No matter if you like classic Chinese food or want to try something new these restaurants have something delicious for you. So if you are in Sarasota then don’t miss the chance to enjoy the diverse and yummy offerings that Chinese food brings to the table.

Must try these Chinese restaurants in Sarasota where every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation and the joy of good food.

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