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Cape Harbour Marina: Your Hub for Boating and Dining in Cape Coral

Cape Harbour in Cape Coral is a special place near the Gulf where people live. It has fancy condos, townhomes and houses by the water. There are lots of restaurants, shops and fun things to do like shows and music. Next to a big marina, it is easy to go everywhere by boat. The marina has different spots for boats, some in the water and some on land.

These spots have special things like power, water, WiFi and places to clean up. People who live here or stay here can use all the nice things like showers and fun activities. It is in a great spot for boating and there are always cool events happening here for everyone who lives here and even visitors.

History of Cape Harbour

In the year 2000, a person named Will Stout bought a project in Cape Harbour from a company called Avatar Corporation. Back then, Avatar had just started making some houses in the area and around 40 homes were built by them. Will Stout’s company Realmark Development, did a lot to turn Cape Harbour into what it is now.

They built all the cool things like stores, places to live and nice things for people to enjoy in the early and middle parts of the 2000s. Realmark sold the rest of the empty land in Cape Harbour in 2015 to one group and then that group sold it to another group called LDC Cape Harbour Holdings in 2019.

Cape Harbour

Cape Harbour Marina
Cape Harbour Marina

Over time different shops and places have opened and closed in Cape Harbour. Right now there are some old shops and some new ones. They are still building some new places and they should be finished by 2022. These new places will mostly be townhomes near the water.

The first part of these new homes is being built in the southeast of the area close to the Funky Fish Houses. Cape Harbour is becoming an even nicer place to live and visit. More good things are happening, making it better than before.

The Marina at Cape Harbour

The Marina in Cape Harbour is not just for parking boats. It is like the center of everything in Cape Harbour. People here love being close to the water, but that’s not all that makes this place awesome.

Buildings here have special designs with pretty roofs, fancy entrances and decorations that make them look like they are from the Mediterranean. These designs make Cape Harbour Marina different and beautiful.

Cape Harbour Waterfront Shops and Restaurants

At Cape Harbour there are lots of restaurants by the water where you can enjoy yummy food. Right across the street, The Boat House has things for people who love boating. And there are new shops nearby like Fetch Dog Boutique, Wish List Gift Shop and a place called Harbour View Gallery.

Cape Harbour Shops
Cape Harbour Shops

Scentiments is bigger now and sells clothes and bags. You can check out these shops and grab breakfast, lunch, ice cream or a drink while sitting near the water. Cape Harbour restaurants includes:

  • Rumrunners
  • The Joint
  • Cape Harbour Oyster Bar & Grill
  • Pignoli on the Harbour
  • Fathoms Restaurant & Bar
  • Run Agrounds Coffee Shop
  • The French Press

Cape Harbour Farmers Market

Every Saturday from May to early October, Cape Harbour hosts a Farmers Market. You can find fresh veggies, fruits, yummy homemade bread, sweet desserts, honey, jelly, potted plants, soaps made by hand and lots more. They have tasty fruits and veggies like peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, peaches, mangos, papayas and pineapple.

And not just that. Besides the Farmers Market, the shops at Cape Harbour also open up on Saturdays. They have got all sorts of cool stuff and delicious treats for anyone who comes to visit.

Fun Events at Cape Harbour

There’s always something cool happening at Cape Harbour. They’ve got Zumba, live music, boat tours to see dolphins, rowing, poker games, and more!


Wear your German clothes and have a blast at the Oktoberfest. It is like a big German party with yummy food, lively music, dancing and lots of shops. This event is held in October from 3rd to 5th. Everyone is invited, including families.

36 Hour Fishing Tournament

It is a fishing event that is not really a competition. It is all about having fun on the water and helping kids in Lee County. This event is conducted from 3rd to 5th of October.

Anyone can win and it is not about catching the biggest fish. You take pictures of your catch, get points and use them for a raffle to win prizes.


Join a fun bike ride at Cape Harbour to help Make A Wish Southern Florida. It is a family friendly event with different ride lengths. It is celebrated on the 11th of October. Come and learn how we can help fight childhood obesity through Project 10.

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Bottom Line

Cape Harbour is like a great example of how awesome it is to live near the water. It is a mix of beautiful nature, fun things to do, yummy food and cool events. People who go there really love it because it has everything they want. If you are looking for a place that feels fancy but also relaxing then Cape Harbour in Cape Coral is the perfect spot. It is where you can have an amazing time and make memories that you won’t forget.

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