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Best Mexican Restaurants in Naples Florida: A Food Lover’s Guide

In this article we are going to discuss the best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida that can be helpful for mexican food lovers. Naples Florida is famous because of its beautiful beaches, amazing atmosphere and also offers a strong food scene that consists of Mexican and American dishes.

There is an amazingly wide selection of restaurants in Naples for those looking for the best Mexican food. Every taste bud can be satisfied by Naples Mexican dining scene which includes both classic restaurants that serve classic dishes and modern cafes with creative touches.

All these restaurants established himself as delicious gems by focusing on the taste of traditional dishes and their family friendly environment. In the center of Florida’s Gulf Coast they offer amazing dining experiences to local and tourist both. I created a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida based on my research. To get a wealth of knowledge about these restaurants  read this article carefully.

3 Best Mexican Restaurants in Naples Florida

In Naples Florida there are a diverse range of Mexican restaurants that offer a delicious taste of Mexican dishes and offer a memorable dining journey. The list of top 3 restaurants of them are following;

Taqueria San Julian

Since quite some time ago Taqueria San Julian has existed in the Southwest Florida region. This restaurant is located at 3575 Bayshore Dr Naples Florida. It is a taqueria in the best meaning of the word and its name is based on quality and affordability. That means that you should not expect luxury accommodations and foo-foo cocktails in stemmed glasses. 

The menu is equally simple and delicious. One side of the menu lists eight types of tacos and on the flip side, eight flavors of quesadillas sell .Ceviche or shrimp tostadas are also available on their menu. The big splurge in Mexican style shrimp cocktail with avocado is amazing in this restaurant.

Delicious nachos loaded with melted cheese in Taco Fiesta
nachos loaded with melted cheese in Taco Fiesta

Both the local Latino and foreign people come here for the amazing and affordable tacos or quesadillas. I really advise you if you want Mexican food in Naples then you must go to this restaurant to taste their top quality and delicious Mexican dishes.


It is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Naples florida that is famous because of its yummy Mexican dishes. Molcajetes is located in Park Shore plaza at 4329 Tamiami Trail N Naples Florida. 

Yet the Seaside surrounding area has turned into a foodie hotspot. Molcajetes has played a major role in this development as it transforms from a local secret to a true fiesta.

Classic Mexican breakfast dishes like chilaquiles or huevos rancheros are a great way to start the day in this restaurant. It has a great selection of seafood dishes including ceviche, fried red snapper, octopus tostada and garlic mojo shrimp.

Homemade menudo and barbacoa, a spicy lamb and garbanzo bean soup are also cooked in this restaurant. It combines different Latin American foods while becoming uniquely and freshly Mexican. With your choice of corn or flour corn tortillas, guacamole, grilled onions and jalapenos. The famous Molcajetes dish also offers pork, Mexican sausage, beef, chicken, shrimp and cactus.

This restaurant is favorite among locals and tourists both because of its delicious taste and five star services. The delicious taste of its dishes force you to licking your fingers. Trust me it’s amazing you must try this.

Turco Taco

The Turco Taco is located at 410 9th St N Naples Florida. This lively restaurant serves a variety of tacos, quesadillas and a variety of organic salads in Naples Florida.

Even while Mexican street food remains common it’s difficult to find originality and delicious healthy or fresh meals in this era. But you can find just that at the original Turco Taco which is located in the developing Naples Design District and formerly housed a Dairy Queen.

If we talk about their menu it includes a variety of delicious Gourmet Tacos, Gourmet quesadillas and Organic Salads. Dessert and a diverse range of Beverages options are also available at this restaurant. It offers taco fans a chance to make their own custom tacos while rolling off its five delicious tacos gluten free. Moreover there are quesadillas, fresh & healthful salads, vegetarian and homemade dishes. 

In their menu they offer a variety of TACOS dishes that includes Carne Asada, soft corn Tortilla Al pastor and crispy corn Tortilla Tinga Con pollo. For vegetarian lovers they also offer vegetarian dishes that are very delicious. It is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida that offer delicious Mexican and American dishes to their Mexican food lovers.

Bottom Line

All in all, there are a lot of best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida. This city is home to a variety of Mexican restaurants that may satisfy the craving of every taste buds. The greatest Mexican restaurants in this beautiful city ensure a fascinating tour through the rich and wide world of Mexican dishes. Classic to family friendly restaurants all you find here that deliver true tastes to modern hotspots transforming the dining scene.

All these restaurants have certainly won their reputation as local food gems thanks to their welcoming atmosphere, excellent service and yummy food created with the freshest ingredients. Everybody looking for a true taste of Mexico will find themselves taking delight in a gastronomic experience that leaves a lasting and tasty imprint. If you are looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida then all these restaurants are the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the names of top 3 best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida?

There are a diverse range of Mexican restaurants in this city that satisfy the craving of every food lover. Top 4 of them are following:

  • Taqueria San Julian
  • Molcajetes
  • Turco Taco

List of top rated and best Mexican restaurants in Naples Florida?

The list of other mexican restaurants in Naples are following:

  • Flaco
  • Taco Ardiente
  • Salsa Brava
  • Senor Tequila’s Fine Mexican Grill
  • Taco & Tequila Cantina

Which one is the best Mexican restaurant in Naples Florida?

In Naples Florida Molcajetes is one of the true Mexican restaurants that offer a delicious taste of Mexican food.

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