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86 Room in Fort Myers: Good Food, Good Times

In the middle of Fort Myers there is a special place called the 86 Room. People really like it because it is comfortable, their food is yummy and the staff is great. No matter if you live nearby or are just visiting 86 Room in Fort Myers is a cool place to check out. It is more than just a place to eat because it is a friendly and welcoming part of Fort Myers waiting for you to enjoy.

History and Origins

The name “86 Room” comes from a special meaning in the restaurant business. Usually, “86” is used to say something is not available or a service is stopped. But at the 86 Room it means something else. It means there is space for everyone and people from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome.

Location: 22 Patio De Leon Fort Myers Florida 33901
Phone number: +1 239-332-0014
Specialty: Bar

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Amazing atmosphere of 86 Room in Fort Myers
Amazing atmosphere of 86 Room in Fort Myers

What makes the 86 Room special is how comfortable and relaxed it feels. The way it looks is a mix of modern and classic styles that makes it a comfortable place to hang out.

No matter if you want a quiet place for a comfortable dinner or a lively place for a celebration the 86 Room has something for everyone.

Inside the colors and furniture make it warm and nice. The lights are just right that gives it a luxury but still a comfortable feeling. The staff is super nice and pays attention to you and makes you feel like you are part of their big family.

Menu Highlights of 86 Room in Fort Myers

What makes 86 Room special is its yummy and varied menu. The chefs at 86 Room are proud to create a menu that has something tasty for everyone’s different tastes.

Special Drinks

Whiskey Sour Flip on the table of 86 Room
Whiskey Sour Flip on the table of 86 Room

The 86 Room bar has really cool special drinks made by expert mixers. They take regular favorites and make them special and they also create new and interesting drinks inspired by local taste. The drink menu is like a fun adventure for your taste buds.

Different Kinds of Food

The food menu is really tasty and has a mix of tastes that show how diverse Fort Myers is. They have yummy and comforting dishes and they also make new and exciting foods with a lot of care.

They often use local ingredients to make sure the food is fresh and to help the community.

Small Plates and Shared Options

If you like trying different tastes then 86 Room has small plates and options to share. This lets you make your own tasting adventure that enjoys bites from different parts of the menu.

Community Engagement

Besides its tasty food 86 Room is really involved with the local community. They often have events, work with local artists and do charity projects that help Fort Myers.

This dedication to building a community has made 86 Room well liked by people who live here and those just visiting that make everyone feel like they belong and are connected.

Customer Testimonials

The real way to know if a place is good is if the people who go there are happy. 86 Room gets a lot of compliments because it has great service, a nice atmosphere and really delicious food. Many people say the staff is friendly and pays attention to them to make sure everyone has a really good time.

Bottom Line

So, in short, The 86 Room in Fort Myers is not just a place to eat because it is a place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy yummy food with your friends.

Its comfortable feeling, different kinds of food and nice staff make 86 Room a special place in the middle of Fort Myers. No matter if you are having a quick meal with friends or a special dinner this hidden gem gives you more than just tasty dishes.

It gives you a feeling of being part of something special. So, when you are in Fort Myers next time make sure to check out the warmth and deliciousness that make 86 Room a great place in the city.

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